How does the sublimation process give life to these beautiful tumblers?

1. Crafting the Vision: It all begins with a vision. Using graphic design tools, create a blueprint of what you'd like to see on your tumbler. This can range from intricate art pieces, picturesque photographs, catchy patterns, and even compelling text or a fusion of these elements.

2. Breath of Color: This vision is then translated onto sublimation paper, using inks specially designed for the sublimation process. These inks hold the magical property of turning into gas when exposed to heat.

3. Setting the Stage: The design-laden sublimation paper is then strategically wrapped around the tumbler, ensuring every inch gets its fair share of the design.

4. The Heat is On: This wrapped beauty is then introduced to a heat press or a specially crafted oven. When the temperature hits around 400°F (204°C), the magic happens. The sublimation ink transforms into a gas, which permeates the tumbler's unique polymer coating.

5. The Grand Reveal: Post the heat treatment, the tumbler gets its much-needed cooling period. What emerges is a tumbler adorned with a vibrant design that's resistant to peeling, cracking, or fading.

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