Journey of a Sublimation Tumbler: Step-by-Step:


  1. Crafting the Blueprint: The initial step involves drafting a design using graphic design software. The canvas can be filled with photographs, illustrations, patterns, text, or a medley of these elements.

  2. Inking the Vision: This design is then transferred onto sublimation paper using a specific kind of ink. Intriguingly, when subjected to heat, these inks vaporize, enabling them to fuse with the surface they are introduced to.

  3. Setting the Stage: The design-laden sublimation paper wraps around the tumbler, prepping it for the next crucial step.

  4. The Heat Dance: Now, the encased tumbler enters a specialized heat press or oven. Once the temperature soars (usually around 400°F or 204°C), the sublimation ink, now a gas, infiltrates the tumbler's polymer coat.

  5. Cooling Embrace: Following its thermal escapade, the tumbler is set aside to cool, culminating in a brilliant and enduring design resistant to common wear-induced flaws like peeling or cracking.

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